The origin of Vinley Trading


he only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time” – Robert Kiyosaki

Passion, perfection and ambition are the ingredients that represent the origin of Vinley Trading. Interest in the financial markets and personal development have shone a light on the founder. The forex market is a special and versatile market. With the right guidance and support, this market offers many opportunities.

The founder and owner of Vinley Trading has delved into several international forex education platforms. You can find all the perfections and improvements here.

Vinley Trading stands for transparency, trust and results.

CEO & Founder Vinley Trading

The location

Vinley Trading has made a location available exclusively to its members. The office is located in the centrum of The Hague, located on the Holland Spoor. With enough public transport options and a parking garage, this makes the location accessible to everyone.

The Hague Tower (nickname: Het Strijkijzer) is a skyscraper in The Hague on Rijswijkseplein. At this beautiful location, all events are held exclusively for members of Vinley Trading.

You can think of:

  • Mindset training
  • Live trade group sessions
  • Feedback walk-in hours
  • Educational classes

If you are unable to attend one of these valuable events, you can use the online Vinley Meetings. This is an online meeting where various topics are discussed live. With the ability to ask questions directly, the Vinley Community is always committed to each other.

Why Vinley Trading?

Meet the team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Vincent Abader
Vincent AbaderCEO & Founder
I am the founder and owner of Vinley Trading. At the moment, I help dozens of students to create financial freedom.
Ruud Karsten
Ruud KarstenHead of IT
I am responsible for all technical aspects in the company. The website, security, and ease of use are my main concerns.
Christian Lopez
Christian LopezHead of Design
Together with the Creative Team, I ensure that all online and offline content is experienced as powerful and unique.
Rehan Filli
Rehan FilliIntern
At the moment I am an all-round intern and I am performing various tasks.

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